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Jesus: “Souls will find Me through Her Immaculate Heart

On May 22, Bishop Hector Cardelli of San Nicolas, Argentina, officially declared that the apparitions of Our Lady of the Rosary in his diocese are of “supernatural character” and worthy of belief.

In San Nicolas, Argentina on September 25, 1983, the Virgin appeared to Mrs. Gladys Quiroga de Motta, in her room, while she was praying the rosary.  On the 13th of October, the anniversary of the last appearance at Fatima, the Virgin spoke for the first time. Gladys Quiroga was a simple housewife, a mother, and grandmother who had no formal education and knew little of the Bible or theology.  For 6 years she was visited by the Blessed Mother on a daily basis. When the Blessed Mother came she was dressed in blue, had Baby Jesus in her arms, and a rosary in the hand.During those 6 years, Gladys also received 68 messages from Jesus Christ. Numerous healings, including the cure of a boy with a brain tumor, have been documented. And now the Marian apparitions have been formally approved by the Catholic Church.

The messages from Jesus are particularly fascinating as He implores the world to understand that man’s salvation is at risk.  Salvation is at risk even for Christians and Protestants who reject the Immaculate heart of His mother. Jesus says “My Mother must be received” Whoever rejects My Mother, rejects Me.”  “Souls will find Me through Her Immaculate Heart.”


These messages are part of the apparitions which have been accepted by the Catholic Church as “Worthy of belief”.

   The creatures must come to Me, because only with Me the souls will live forever.  

It is my Mother the one that will prevent them from drifting aimlessly, the one that will cause them to come directly to Me. 

            Today I forewarn the world that which the world does not want to notice:  the souls are in danger, many will be lost, and salvation will arrive at few if I am not accepted like The Savior. 

            My Mother must be received; My Mother must be listened to in the totality of her messages.  Man must discover the wealth that She brings the Christians. The children of the sin will grow in it, if their incredulity increases.  

            I want a renovation of the spirit, a loosening from death and an attachment to life. The Heart of My Mother is the chosen one so that what I request becomes reality.  The souls will find Me through Her Immaculate Heart.  

            Previously the world was saved with Noah’s Ark.   Today the Ark is My Mother. By means of Her the souls will be saved because It will bring them towards Me.  Whoever rejects My Mother, rejects Me. 

            Many are ignoring the graces of God these days.  

            You must go and evangelize.  Do not pay attention where.  Wherever you are, evangelize to your brothers who know nothing about the word of God.  Do not forget.  Evangelize. 


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