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Trucker Sees Horrific Crash And Goes Running, But Notices His Dash Cam Caught A Miracle

Man was driving his truck when he witnessed a horrible crash up ahead. He ran to the burning vehicle and noticed something through the window. But little did he know his dash cam would capture a miracle for all to see.

David Fredericksen, a professional truck driver, saw a car going the wrong way on an interstate in Biloxi, Mississippi. He watched in horror as the vehicle slammed into a truck and exploded before his very eyes. His dash cam recorded the tragic crash.

“God, please don’t let me have to deal with somebody halfway burned alive, screaming,” he thought to himself.

David thought the two people inside the car — an elderly woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter — were surely dead. But then something incredible caught his eye: he saw a little head pop up in the back window.

David tried to yank the door open as the metal began to melt. He prayed even more before climbing into the back seat, where he grabbed the little girl as the fire raged on.

There are many reasons why David says what happened next is an absolute miracle.

Watch this amazing video below to see how his bravery saved lives that day, and please SHARE this with your friends on Facebook.

Source: bringingfaith

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